About us

Execute your Earth Children's Rights!


Welcome to Toma Stories where children are Earth Planet's Future .

Execute your Earth Children's Rights!

Children need more and more our protection.

This is the website of Spider Girl TOMA and her friends..

TOMA means here: 'STAND UP!'

www.tomastories.com is more than 9 years old.

Since 1987 we and TOMA have been informing and educating children about their Earth Children's Rights with theater, workshops and a painting booklet. We want to continue empowering our children everywhere on this planet, which is not an easy, but a fulfilling task!

Our excitement

We and TOMA let our children feel that they are Our Center of Life. Adults can find ways within Toma Stories to help the children feel protected and gain trust and hope that they are the best they can be. That they are appreciated by everyone and everywhere on Mother Earth. By this they can execute their Earth Children Rights to grow into healthy adults.

Join us!

Lets exchange about the need of teaching children their Earth Rights. 

We and TOMA will help you develop a Earth Children Rights Healing Wheel to celebrate and protect these Earth Rights for all young humans



Children's Rights Day

Every year on the 20th of November we celebrate worldwide the Children's Rights Day. JOIN US!

Creating new Earth Children's Healing Wheels

You can create your personal Earth Children's Healing Wheels where, in all directions, you can interact with a Earth Children's right.


Painted Children`s Rights

You will find here 10 Children's Rights (painted by G. Lichtveld) with Spider Girl TOMA (created by Velma Solomons)

Reprinting of Toma Coloring Booklet

We will start to reprint our coloring booklet Toma in Fantasia, adding English and German tekst, next to Dutch and Papiamento. 

TOMA Doll Making

We will offer workshops and information for making Healing TOMA Dolls.

TOMA Spider Girl Garden Keeper

We will provide advice and information how to make a Healing Garden with Flowers and Vegetables.   

You can create your personal Earth Children's Wheel where, in all directions, you can interact with a children's right.

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